Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields:


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The airfields covered within this state are accessible via the following:

Virginia, Arlington County

Updated 11/20/23

Virginia, Fairfax County, Western

Updated 6/16/23

Virginia, Richmond, Eastern

Updated 7/10/22

Virginia, Central

Updated 4/20/24

Virginia: Fauquier County

Updated 8/15/23

Virginia, Richmond, Northern

Updated 5/19/23

Virginia: Delmarva area

Updated 11/2/20

Virginia: Hampton area

Updated 5/29/23

Virginia, Richmond, Southern area

Updated 5/27/23

Virginia, Eastern

Updated 8/5/23

Virginia: Loudoun County

Updated 6/17/23

Virginia, Richmond, Western area

Updated 12/19/22

Virginia, Fairfax County, Northeastern

Updated 6/20/23

Virginia: Norfolk area

Updated 10/18/22

Virginia: Virginia Beach area

Updated 8/21/23

Virginia, Fairfax County, Southeastern

Updated 3/10/24

Virginia, Prince William & Stafford Counties

Updated 11/27/22

Virginia, Western

Updated 5/19/23



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